Energy Risk Awards

The Energy Risk Awards recognise the leading firms in energy risk management. Corporates, financial players, technology and data firms, consultancies, brokers and exchanges are all welcome to submit entries.


Energy Risk Awards 2022

Winners to be announced at Risk Live Fesitval, June 16, 2022


Energy Risk Awards

Recognising excellence across global commodities markets


Entries are now welcome for the Energy Risk awards, the longest-running and most prestigious awards for firms involved in energy risk management. 

The Energy Risk Awards recognise excellence in energy risk management across the entire supply chain, from producers to traders and consumers, and all firms in between that facilitate risk management. Corporates, financial players, technology and data firms, consultancies, brokers and exchanges are all welcome to submit entries to this year’s awards. 

The awards focus on:

  • Prudent energy risk management demonstrated in your area of expertise in the past 12 months.

  • Innovation in trading and risk management, particularly if its benefits extend to the wider market.

  • Expertise in, and insight into, energy derivatives and other risk management tools.

The awards focus on the past 12-18 months and entries should contain specific examples of progress and innovation in your field. The awards are free to enter, irrespective of the number of categories you participate in.

The Energy Risk awards are a great opportunity for firms and individuals to receive the recognition they deserve. 

Good luck!

Brand recognition

Differentiate your firm from your competitors and tell us why you or your team members are the best

Thought leadership

Position your company at the forefront of the market

Celebrate your team

Recognise the hard work and achievements of your team

Guidelines on what to include in your entry:

  • Details of major achievements in the past 12 months and explanation of why these achievements matter. For example, how did this work help a client/solve an internal problem/address a wider market issue/improve best practice in risk management and trading? If relevant, how do these successes build on previous work to show progress? 
  • Details of challenges that had to be overcome and talk about how this was done.
  • In what ways did this company, team or deal stand out against the competition in the past year? What is the USP? 
  • How has this company, team or deal contributed to the development of best practice in risk management and/or trading in the past 12 months? 
  • It is always useful to provide figures where possible that show growth and improvement – eg customer or revenue growth, or scale and size of deals etc. 
  • Please include some references – people outside your organisation who would be willing to talk to Energy Risk judges about their experience of working with you/your product if you were to reach shortlist stage

How to enter and the judging process

These awards are decided by Energy Risk editorial. To enter, firms need to fill in the entry form on this site and submit it via the website portal.

The entry form requires firms to discuss specific challenges they have overcome and detail the progress they have made over the past 12 months in the area of commodities trading and risk.    

Once the submission deadline is closed, there will be a six-week period for judges to consider the entries. During this period, short-listed candidates may be contacted for pitch meetings – usually over the phone – in order to discuss the entry and the company’s risk management achievements in more detail. 

We are looking for submissions that demonstrate innovation and creativity in how firms address the challenges they face and how they have helped their clients.

Submissions should be as specific as possible and give as much detail as possible. Pitches always remain confidential and any follow-up interviews will be off the record. We are looking for stories of growth and improvement over the year, even from the largest of players. We consider not only the performance of the company but its contribution to best practice in risk management and market development.

We look for entries that show firms contributing positively to the development of commodity markets and risk management. Of particular interest are pitches that demonstrate a firm is doing something new or has made a breakthrough in some way.

Submissions should include case studies and examples of best practice or key deals. All submissions should include references. These will only be followed up if the submission goes through to short-list stage. Awards

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