Awards Criteria

Criteria for entering Energy Risk Asia Awards 2019

How to enter

The awards are decided by Energy Risk editorial. We are looking for submissions that demonstrate innovation and creativity in how firms address the challenges they face in trading and risk management, and, where applicable, how they address the challenges facing their clients.

Submissions should be as specific as possible and give as much detail as possible. Pitches always remain confidential and any follow-up interviews will be off the record. We are looking for stories of growth and improvement over the year, even from the largest of players. We consider not only the performance of the company but the impact that company is having on the market and market development.

We look for entries that show firms contributing positively to the development of the market. Of particular interest are pitches that demonstrate a firm is doing something new or has made a breakthrough in some way.

Submissions should include case studies and examples of best practice or key deals. All submissions should include references. These will only be followed up if the submission goes through to short-list stage.

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