Derivatives house of the year

Dealers nominating themselves for derivatives house of the year should be strong in at least three asset classes. Case studies detailing how the dealer has best met the needs of clients should play a large part in the submissions. Tactical and strategic adaptation to regulatory change will be important, as will discussion of new technology initiatives - and risk management, as always, is a key criterion. Submissions have to include details of risk management processes and systems, how the firm reacted to difficult market conditions and to regulation, and granular detail on performance. We will require evidence to back up claims. In addition, customer references should be included - they have often made the difference in deciding the winner.


Corporate risk manager of the year

Oil and products house of the year

Coal house of the year

Iron ore house of the year

Natural gas/LNG house of the year

Electricity house of the year

Emissions house of the year

Freight derivatives house of the Year

Base metals house of the year

Precious metals house of the year

Energy/Commodity finance house of the year

Commodity research house of the year

Environmental products house of the year

This is for innovation in environmental products such as: loans that incentivise green behaviour;  green bonds; environmental indices; renewable energy certificates; PPAs.


Climate Risk Advisory of the Year

This is for firms that advise on all matters pertaining to climate risk including how to assess transition risk and physical risk as well as how to offset risk through green markets or through renewables.   


Commodities broker of the year

Commodities exchange of the year

Commodities trading platform of the year

This award is for OTC trading platforms that have been developed by banks, brokers, corporates or technology specialists.


CTRM software house of the year

Energy Technology Firm of the Year

This category extends our focus beyond the core CTRM space into enterprise software, logistics, operations and scheduling software and freight software. We will consider entries from software developers but also from other firms such as corporates and banks. 


Data and analytics house of the year

Advisory firm of the year

Deal of the Year

Innovation of the Year

This award category recognises the most innovative product or service launched in the last 12 months in the energy risk management sector.


Newcomer of the Year

This award category recognises a company which has either started operations or entered the energy risk market in the last 12 months.